The Canterbury Puzzles: And Other Curious Problems

E.P. Dutton and Company, 1908 - 194 pÓgines
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PÓgina xvi - You gave the wrong answer,' said the sphinx. 'But that was what made everything possible,' said Oedipus. 'No.' she said. 'When I asked, what walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening, you answered Man. You didn't say anything about Woman.' 'When you say Man,' said Oedipus, 'you include women too. Everyone knows that.
PÓgina xiv - Qui nescit dissimulare, nescit regnare, " he who knows not how to dissemble, knows not how to reign.
PÓgina xxi - Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man's father is my father's son.
PÓgina 191 - Sat up last night till 4 am, over a tempting problem, sent me from New York, " to find 3 equal rationalsided rt.-angled A'S." I found two, whose sides are 20, 21, 29; 12, 35, 37 ; but could not find three.
PÓgina 13 - THE COOK A cook they had with them, just for the nonce, To boil the chickens with the marrow-bones, And flavour tartly and with galingale, Well could he tell a draught of London ale, And he could roast and seethe and broil and fry, And make a good thick soup, and bake a pie, But very ill it was, it seemed to me, That on his shin a deadly sore had he; For sweet blanc-mange, he made it with the best, THE SAILOR There was a sailor, living far out west...
PÓgina 92 - ... from the ceiling, as at A, and a fly is on the opposite wall, 1 foot from the floor in the centre, as shown at B. What is the shortest distance that the spider must crawl in order to reach the fly, which remains stationary ? Of course the spider never drops or uses its web, but crawls fairly.
PÓgina 21 - All full of freshe flowers white and red. Singing he was or fluting all the day : He was as fresh as is the month of have, Short was his gown, with sleeves long and wide; Well could he sit on horse, and faire' He could6 songes well make, and indite, Joust, and eke dance, and well pourtray and write.
PÓgina 29 - That lookest as thou wouldest find a hare? For ever on the ground I see thee stare.
PÓgina xvii - CEdipus. who said that man walked on his hands and feet when young, or in the morning of life ; at the noon of life he walked erect : and in the evening of bis days be supported himself upon a Sphinx-moth Spider -t irk.
PÓgina xix - The maxim that there is always a right way and a wrong way of doing anything applies in a very marked degree to the solving of puzzles.

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