The Story of John Frederick Oberlin

Pilgrim Press, 1909 - 196 pÓgines

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PÓgina 93 - Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give ; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
PÓgina 105 - Have you, in order to contribute to the general good, planted upon the common at least twice as many trees as there are heads in your family ? — have you planted them properly, or only as idle and ignorant people would do, to save themselves trouble ? Are you frugal in the use of wood, and do you make your fires in as economical a manner as possible ? Have you proper drains in your yard, for carrying off the refuse water'?
PÓgina 66 - Placing himself beside her, he began the conversation by saying, " You are about to leave us, my dear friend ; — I have had an intimation that you are destined, by the Divine will, to be the partner of my life. If you can resolve upon this step, so important to us both, I expect you will give me your candid opinion about it, before your departure.
PÓgina 100 - ... much work for the pickaxe before the plough could be employed, and in many places rocks were to be blasted, and soil to be carried thither. Except, indeed, in the cost of labour, little else was sacrificed in the experiment, some of the grass lands being cultivated to so little purpose, ' that it is said the wife could carry home in her apron all the hay her husband had mown in a long morning.
PÓgina 177 - He pulled his hat off when we met him, took him by the hand, and treated him with really tender consideration. He is, I think, more than eighty — one of the handsomest old men I ever remember to have seen — still vigorous in mind and spirit — delighting in his parish — full of fervent charity.
PÓgina 104 - Dear Friends, " Satan, the enemy of mankind, rejoices when we demolish and destroy. Our Lord Jesus Christ, on the contrary, rejoices when we labour for the public good. " You all desire to be saved by Him, and hope to become partakers of his glory. Please Him, then, by every possible means, during the remainder of the time you may have to live in this world. " He is pleased, when, from the principle of love, you plant trees for the public...
PÓgina 178 - ... devote three tithes of all that I earn, of all that I receive, and of all my revenue, of whatever name or nature it may be, to his service or to useful objects. For this purpose I keep three boxes; the first for the first tithe; the second for the second; and the third box for the third tithe. When I cannot pay ready money all at once, I mark how much I owe upon a bit of paper, which I put into the box; and when, on the contrary, a demand occurs which ought to be defrayed by one of the three...
PÓgina 104 - He is pleased, when, from a principle of love, you plant trees for the public benefit. Now is the season. Be willing then to plant them. Plant them also in the best possible manner. Remember you do it to please Him. "Put all your roads into good condition; ornament them ; employ some of your trees for this purpose, and attend to their growth.
PÓgina 179 - I devote the contents of this box to the building and repairing of churches and schoolrooms ; the support of conductrices ; and the purchase of Bibles and pious books ; in short, to any thing connected with divine worship, or the extension of the knowledge of our Redeemer's kingdom. " My parishioners are at liberty to recall from this tithe any present that either generosity, or the supposition that I expected it, may have induced them to make me. " The second box contains tithes for useful purposes....
PÓgina 128 - Republicans, when from love to the public we endeavour, by precept as well as by example, to stimulate our children to active beneficence ; and seek to render them useful to others, by turning their attention to such pursuits as are likely to increase the public prosperity. " We are Republicans, when we...

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