History of the Wars of the French Revolution ...: Comprehending the Civil History of Great Britain and France During that Period, with an Original History of the Last War Between the United States and Great Britain by William Grimshaw, Volum 1


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Pàgina 192 - ... to be faithful to the nation, the law, and the king, and to support with all his power the constitution decreed by the National Assembly and accepted by the king.
Pàgina 250 - The very disgraceful frequency of courts-martial, and the many complaints of irregularities in the conduct of the troops in this kingdom, having too unfortunately proved the Army to be in a state of licentiousness which must render it formidable to every one but the enemy...
Pàgina 370 - You know, Foley, I have only one eye — I have a right to be blind sometimes...
Pàgina 80 - Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, That general reprisals be granted against the ships, goods, and subjects of the States-General of the United Provinces...
Pàgina 422 - The noise subsided, and he was asked if he had anything to say why sentence of death should not be passed upon him.
Pàgina 26 - The nation is essentially the source of all sovereignty ; nor can any individual, or any body of men, be entitled to any authority which is not expressly derived from it.
Pàgina 322 - And will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the united Church of England and Ireland, and the doctrine, worship, discipline and government thereof, as by law established within England and Ireland and the territories thereunto belonging?
Pàgina 232 - August, off the mouth of the Nile. The Enemy were moored in a strong line of battle for defending the entrance of the Bay (of Shoals), flanked by numerous gunboats, four frigates, and a battery of guns and mortars...
Pàgina 231 - ... dead; he had received three wounds, yet would not leave his post; a fourth cut him almost in two. He desired not to be carried below, but to be left to die upon deck.
Pàgina 321 - Ireland have severally agreed and resolved, that, in order to promote and secure the essential interests of Great Britain and Ireland, and to consolidate the strength, power and resources of the British empire, it will be adviseable to concur in such measures as may best tend to unite the two kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland...

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