The Ancient Lyre: A Collection of Old, New, and Original Church Music, Under the Approbation of the Professional Musical Society in Boston

Crocker and Brewster, 1838 - 358 pÓgines

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Passatges populars

PÓgina 133 - THIS is the day the Lord hath made, He calls the hours his own ; Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be glad, And praise surround the throne. 2 To-day he rose, and left the dead ; And Satan's empire fell : To-day the saints his triumph spread, And all his wonders tell. 3 Hosanna to th' anointed King, To David's holy Son : Help us, O Lord; descend and bring Salvation from thy throne.
PÓgina 52 - THOU, to whose all-searching sight The darkness shineth as the light, Search, prove my heart, it pants for Thee ; O burst these bonds, and set it free.
PÓgina 172 - HARK! from the tombs a doleful sound! My ears attend the cry; " Ye living men, come view the ground, Where you must shortly lie. 2 " Princes, this clay must be your bed, In spite of all your towers; The tall, the wise, the reverend head Must lie as low as ours.
PÓgina 213 - I'LL praise my Maker while I've breath, And when my voice is lost in death Praise shall employ my nobler powers : My days of praise shall ne'er be past, While life, and thought, and being last, Or immortality endures.
PÓgina 100 - My God, permit me not to be A stranger to myself and thee; Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove Forgetful of my highest love. 2 Why should my passions mix with earth, And thus debase my heavenly birth? Why should I cleave to things below, And let my God, my Saviour go?
PÓgina 19 - WITH all my powers of heart and tongue, I'll praise my Maker in my song; Angels shall hear the notes I raise, Approve the song, and join the praise.
PÓgina 284 - Come, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy name to sing, Help us to praise: Father, all glorious, O'er all victorious, Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days.
PÓgina 73 - MY dear Redeemer and my Lord, I read my duty in thy word ; But in thy life the law appears Drawn out in living characters. 2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal, Such deference to thy Father's will, Such love, and meekness so divine, I would transcribe and make them mine.
PÓgina 95 - GREAT God attend, while Zion sings The joy that from Thy presence springs : To spend one day, with Thee on earth, Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 2 Might I enjoy the meanest place Within Thy house, O God of grace; Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power, Should tempt my feet to leave Thy door. 3 God is our sun, He makes our day; God is our shield, He guards our way From all th...

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