Financial Freedom: A Step-by-step Practical Guide for Walking in God's Blessings

MyMarketingCoach, LLC, 2006 - 256 pàgines
Finally Learn the Shocking Truth about God's Plan for Your Financial Freedom. God's will for you is Financial Freedom. Yet a large percentage of Christians are barely making it from one week to the next. Why does it seem so hard to get ahead in life and why are so many believers living under a mountain of debt? Find out about one young couple's journey from poverty and failure to prosperity and success. Learn why they were continually giving offerings, but only found themselves deeper in debt. They lived in a run-down rental house and had to search furniture just to find change to go out to eat at McDonald's. Then read about the one prayer that changed their lives forever. Soon their debts were paid off. They moved into a home with 18.5 acres which they paid off in less than a year. They gave more in offerings in one year's time than they used to earn combined in 3 years before. Find out what they prayed and how this prayer could change your life forever. You've been taught God wants to prosper you, but you've never been given a step-by-step roadmap of how to get there. You've been told what God's will is, but you've never been taught HOW to accomplish it. In this step-by-step practical study, Terry Dean teaches you how to receive and walk in the blessings God has provided for you.

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