The Phi Gamma Delta, Volum 25


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Pāgina 84 - An act to incorporate medical societies for the purpose of regulating the practice of physic and surgery in this state...
Pāgina 159 - I never truckled; I never took off the hat to Fashion and held it out for pennies. By God, I told them the truth. They liked it or they didn't like it. What had that to do with me? I told them the truth ; I knew it for the truth then, and I know it for the truth now.
Pāgina 81 - ... used exclusively for carrying out thereupon one or more of such purposes, and the personal property of any such corporation shall be exempt from taxation.
Pāgina 85 - The personal property of all literary, benevolent, charitable and scientific institutions, incorporated within this State, and such real estate belonging to such institutions as shall be actually occupied for the purposes for which they were incorporated; 4.
Pāgina 160 - How necessary it becomes, then, for those who, by the simple art of writing, can invade the heart's heart of thousands, whose novels are received with such measureless earnestness — how necessary it becomes for those who wield such power to use it rightfully. Is it not expedient to act fairly? Is it not in Heaven's name essential that the People hear, not a lie, but the Truth?
Pāgina 160 - It is all very well to jeer at the People and at the People's misunderstanding of the arts, but the fact is indisputable that no art that is not in the end understood by the People can live or ever did live a single generation in the last analysis, the People pronounce the final judgment.
Pāgina 85 - ... religious privileges and are subjected to certain rules and regulations of an ecclesiastical nature, yet the organizations, the people who control them and the people who are affected by them, bear very little resemblance to ecclesiastical societies as they exist and are understood in this state and the people connected with them * * * . The property in question is used rather for the temporal wants of the members of the Society of Jesus than for instructing and educating young men for the priesthood....
Pāgina 159 - Royalties on editions of hundreds of thousands will not pay him more to his satisfaction than that. To make money is not the province of a novelist. If he is the right sort he has other responsibilities, heavy ones. He of all men cannot think only of himself or for himself. And when the last page is written and the ink crusts on the penpoint and the hungry presses go clashing after another writer, the
Pāgina 261 - I have been young, and now I am old ; yet have I never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.
Pāgina 81 - The real property of a corporation or Association organized exclusively for the moral or mental improvement of men or women or for religious, Bible, tract, charitable, benevolent, missionary, hospital, infirmary, educational, scientific, literary, library, patriotic, historical or cemetery purposes, or for the enforcement of laws relating to children or animals...

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