Why Election Is Not My Gospel

iUniverse, 2004 - 276 pàgines
"Why Election Is Not My Gospel" is a controversial diatribe that explores and answers these questions: Does the Gospel consist in a real and sincere promise by God to all without exception, or an invitation to the elect alone? Is there a clear distinction between God's desire (command) and God's intention (purpose)? Does God in any sense desire that Reprobates be saved? Is Election part of the Gospel, or necessary to be believed as the immediate object of justifying faith? And many more...

After years spent deceived in the circles of "Hyper-Calvinism," author E.D. Manard marks his public exodus from this spiritually fatal movement, and repudiates his former association with it, proving it as a departure from God's Gospel addressed to, and designed for, lost sinners.

Mr. Manard takes on the editor of "Outside The Camp Newsletter, " Marc Carpenter, directly, and counters Carpenter's denial of the "free offer" of the Gospel, demonstrating that such denial is anti-historical, anti-biblical, and anti-evangelistic.

Pulling no punches, Mr. Manard shows conclusively from God's Testimony which evangelistic message God's ministers are commissioned to preach to lost sinners exactly, and why "Election" is not it.

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