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Harris, 1838 - 225 pāgines

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Pāgina 98 - How skilfully she builds her cell! How neat she spreads the wax ! And labours hard to store it well With the sweet food she makes. In works of labour or of skill I would be busy too: For Satan finds some mischief still For idle hands to do. In books, or work, or healthful play Let my first years be past, That I may give for every day Some good account at last.
Pāgina 15 - Oft hast thou decked, a favourite flower. Flower of the wild ! whose purple glow Adorns the dusky mountain's side, Not the gay hues of Iris' bow, Nor garden's artful varied pride, With all its wealth of sweets could cheer, Like thee, the hardy mountaineer. Flower of his heart!
Pāgina 61 - Though her face and person were models of perfection, yet her whole attention seemed bestowed upon her mind; her mother taught her to read, and an old Lutheran minister instructed her in the maxims and duties of religion. Nature had furnished her not only with a ready but with a solid turn of thought; not only with a strong but a right understanding.
Pāgina 60 - Alexowna *, born near Derpat, a little city in Livonia, was heir to no other inheritance than the virtues and frugality of her parents. Her father being dead, she lived with her aged mother in their cottage covered with straw ; and both, though very poor, were very contented.
Pāgina 97 - How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour, And gather honey all the day From every opening flower!
Pāgina 68 - ... her person. He had been forced when young to marry from motives of interest, he was now resolved to marry pursuant to his own inclinations.
Pāgina 67 - She had hitherto been poor, but free ; she was now to conform to her hard fate, and learn what it was to be a slave. In this situation, however, she behaved with piety and humility ; and though misfortunes had abated her vivacity, yet she was cheerful. The fame of her merit and resignation, reached even prince Menzikoff, the Russian general. He desired to see her ; was...
Pāgina 66 - This war between the two northern powers at that time was truly barbarous; the innocent peasant and the harmless virgin often shared the fate of the soldier in arms. Marienburg was taken by assault; and such was the fury of the assailants, that not only the garrison, but almost all the inhabitants, men, women, and children, were put to the sword : at length, when the carnage was pretty well over, Catharina was found hid in an oven.
Pāgina 61 - In his house she resided, in quality of governess to his children ; at once reconciling in her character unerring prudence with surprising vivacity. The old man, who regarded her as one of his own children, had her instructed in the elegant parts of female education by the masters who attended the rest of his family.
Pāgina 219 - They plait and twist willows and roots of marsh plants or other materials together, which are light, but capable of supporting the earth of the garden firmly united. Upon this foundation they lay the light bushes...

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