Dr. Watts' Divine and moral songs, improved, and rendered suitable for persons of both sexes, and of all ages. By J. Scott


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Pàgina 60 - Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his man-servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.
Pàgina 40 - THESE emmets, how little they are in our eyes ! We tread them to dust, and a troop of them dies, Without our regard or concern ; Yet as wise as we are, if we went to their school, There 's many a sluggard and many a fool, Some lessons of wisdom might learn.
Pàgina 74 - A little more sleep, and a little more slumber;" Thus he wastes half his days and his hours without number; And when he gets up, he sits folding his hands, Or walks about sauntering, or trifling he stands.
Pàgina 44 - Sleep, my babe; thy food and raiment, House and home, thy friends provide; All without thy care or payment: All thy wants are well supplied. How much better thou'rt attended Than the Son of God could be, When from heaven He descended And became a child like thee! Soft and easy is thy cradle: Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay, When His birthplace was a stable And His softest bed was hay.
Pàgina 74 - ROSE. How fair is the Rose ! what a beautiful flower ! The glory of April and May : But the leaves are beginning to fade in an hour, And they wither and die in a day. Yet the Rose has one powerful virtue to boast, Above all the flowers of the field ! When its leaves are all dead and fine...
Pàgina 35 - To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, three in one, Be honor, praise, and glory given, By all on earth, and all in heaven.
Pàgina 70 - HOW doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour, And gather honey all the day From every opening flower...
Pàgina 45 - May'st thou live to know and fear Him, Trust and love Him all thy days ; Then go dwell for ever near Him, See His face, and sing His praise...
Pàgina 69 - LET dogs delight to bark and bite, For God hath made them so; Let bears and lions growl and fight, For 'tis their nature too. But, children, you should never let Such angry passions rise ; Your little hands were never made To tear each other's eyes.
Pàgina 45 - Soothed and hushed the holy child. Lo, He slumbers in his manger, Where the horned oxen fed; Peace, my darling, here's no danger, Here's no ox a-near thy bed.

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