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" The priest-like father reads the sacred page, How Abram was the friend of God on high ; Or, Moses bade eternal warfare wage With Amalek's ungracious progeny ; Or, how the royal bard did groaning lie Beneath the stroke of Heaven's avenging ire ; Or, Job's... "
Home Pictures of English Poets, for Fireside and Schoolroom - PÓgina 279
per Kate Sanborn - 1869 - 291 pÓgines
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Ohio Volunteer: The Childhood & Civil War Memoirs of Captain John Calvin ...

John Calvin Hartzell - 2005 - 250 pÓgines
...around this ample hearth, and at the close of the evening sittings we always heard, in song or prayer, how "Guiltless blood for guilty man was shed; How He, who bore in Heaven the sacred name, Had not on earth whereon to lay His head." " The west half of the lower story was divided...
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