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" ... railed, I might have suffered for it justly ; but I managed my own work more happily, perhaps more dexterously. I avoided the mention of great crimes, and applied myself to the representing of blindsides, and little extravagancies ; to which, the... "
The Works of John Dryden: Now First Collected ... - PÓgina 95
per John Dryden, Walter Scott - 1808
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A Critical History of English Literature, Vol. 3, Volum 3

David Daiches - 1979 - 319 pÓgines
...sides and little extravagances; to which the wittier a man is, he is generally the more obnoxious. It succeeded as I wished; the jest went round, and he was laughed at in his tuni, who began the frolic." With Religio Laid, published late in 1682, Dryden established himself...
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